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Tsuneo San (My First Japanese Teacher), 2008.

It’s 12 years ago. I met a very kindly gentleman, Tsuneo San in Apr 2008.

He’s from Okinawa and 66 years old. He always had a meal alone and that looked a little lonely for me. So, I started to talk to him when I had the time and. We knew each other more since we started to chat.

He’s an associate professor whose major is Physics and was already retired from Ryuku University. He taught me Japanese for one hour per day patiently.

We went to have dinner together every weekend because I really do appreciate him. Although I’ve stopped learning Japanese for around 3 months already, I do miss him. I hope we can meet each other in the future. Actually, I tell him I plan to go to Japan in 2009 hopefully.

Finally, we had a reunion in year 2011 when I visited to Okinawa.



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