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The Universal Language – Music

For the beginning, please notice that this article is written around Oct 2008.

I’ve been to Australia for almost 7 months.

Somehow, 3 of my best friends are going to leave in 1 week.
It’s quite common that your friends leave suddenly,
but 3 of them are quite special for me because 2 of them have been my roommates for around 4 months and the other is my colleagues who we’ve worked with together for almost 6 months. On the other hand, they are not only my friends, roommates, and workmate but also my family in Australia.

Making and Keeping in touch with friends is very important for people like me who come traveling alone. Actually, I knew that all my friends will leave me gradually finally.
What I can do is give them an unforgettable memory.
I know I make it because of them.

Dear my friends, I wish you can have a brilliant life.

Plus, this is the song list as below.

  • Smooth- by Carlos Santana
  • Stacy -by ourselves
  • California Dreaming – by Mamas & Papas
  • Easy Perth- by my roommates.
  • Fucking far – by ourselves
  • In my place- by Coldplay
  • Peco pa (it means hungry in k0rean)- by ourselves
  • My best friends by Hello safeoide.
  • Korean love song
  • Hotel California -by The Eagles
  • Imagine -by John Lennon

Before I played the imagine, I had a short speech in front of the audience who all are from different countries. I said that I never notice that I can make so many friends here in Australia.

No matter wherever or whenever you will be in the future, Please remember this moment.



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