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A Week Traveling – Exmouth (2008, Sept)

Exmouth where is around 1300 kilometer north from Perth

This is a road trip to Exmouth, which is the second day of arrival. Johanna, I and Sarah were walking together. Gon was taking the picture of the three of us. This is one of the beaches of Exmouth where is around 1300 kilometer north from Perth. Gon was taking the picture of himself and the beautiful beach. Let’s go snorkeling!!!

We four walking on the trail to have sight-seeing along with the river. Then, Sarah said she wanted to jump into the water. Oh my god, that’s what I think. After Sarah jumped into the water,

and Johanna said “Ok!!! I’m going to jump, without any question!”

by Johanna

So, the photo is about both of them jump into the water. For the people who can’t swim such as me, all that I can say is “BRAVO BRAVO!!!”

We went back to the camp-park in the nighttime and prepared the dinner and several bottles of beer for sure.

By the way, I’m not an alcoholic, just like it. (This is Gon’s bywords)

We started to compose the lyrics, melody, and chord as well. In fact, Sarah and Johanna inspired me to create the songs by myself. I’d like to say thank you to two of them. As you can see in the photo. Pen, a piece of paper, a car key, several cans of beer, and a Ukulele. (small mini-guitar)

Meanwhile, we finished the first song that I composed by myself in my life. That’s Fucking Far. (We drave around 1300 kilo in two days and everyone felt fucking tired and sleepy because the distance between Exmouth and Perth is really “Fucking Far.”)There more stories about this trip, to be continued.



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