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The Last Night In Cheviot-Lodge Backpacker. (End of May 2008)

As you can see in this photo, which all were my roommate by that time.
From left to right is

  • Kang(Taiwan)
  • Ozzie(Ireland)
  • Suzy(Taiwan)
  • Nana(Taiwan)
  • Oliver(German)
  • me
  • Jim(Korea)

For me, all of my room is so sweet no matter where I am or was. For example, Kang is very funny and likes to help others. I feel very impressed with Ozzie is that he is so kind that he always got up early to help Suzy and Oliver make breakfast. Plus, Oliver and Suzy are a couple, but Oliver always talks bullshit. It’s very interesting. Then, Nana is a clever girl who graduated from medical college. She is a rich woman. Jim is my first Korean friend. He’s not subjective at all and smart as well. He’s still a graduate school student major in East-Asian History in the Top 2 university in Korea. Chating to him can learn a lot no matter in English or history.

Although I know that maybe you guy won’t read this article, I still want to say I LOVE YOU all.

Dear all my roommates, thank you guys for taking care of me and giving me an unforgettable memory in Cheviot lodge Backpacker.



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