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文章 旅行 澳洲 英文

Beginning Of My Working Holiday (2008)

It’s the 1st of April, 2008. I was alone and waited for the departing time in terminal 1.

I was shivering inside and felt insecure. I totally had no idea about what I should do.

In fact, it’s my first time to go abroad.

This is inside of Tigerairway airplane. Money can cover everything. Due to the cheapest flight ticket, I only can have an extremely narrow seat just suitable for me. 4 and half hours flight became hell for me. I was fucking hungry and exhausted, too.

I was arriving in Singapore. The airport is really international. You can find different races of people with different customs. That’s exactly what can not be found easily in Taiwan no matter in the facility and different language services. Moreover, the first lesson I learned is that the Taiwan government must improve our international facility.

This is the first home for me in Australia – Cheviot Lodge where is full of Taiwanese. I’d like to recommend that all my Taiwanese friends can choose this hostel as your first backpacker hostel, especially for the people who can speak English well. You can get lots of information in your native language. In the contrast, staying for a couple of weeks is quite enough, otherwise, you always chat with the Taiwanese. For me, it’s not funny at all and it makes no sense.



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