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Something 影片 樂團 The BeaCos

Something (The Beatles’ song covered)

We all know that most of the Beatles’ songs are mainly composed by John and Paul. However, there is a song called “something” which is composed by George Harrison.Besides, Frank Sinatra was particularly impressed with “Something”, calling it “the greatest love song of the past 50 years”.p.s regarding intro, we’ve tried to play in the way George did in the concert in Japan in 1991.

我們都知道絕大多數的披頭四作品都是用John或Paul主導的。然而,其中有一首歌叫做「Something」是由George製作的。法蘭克辛納屈也被此首作品所吸引並表示這是在過去50年來最偉大的情歌。p.s 前奏的部份,我們試了仿奏1991年George在日本演唱會的版本。



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